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Online Maintenance Request

Welcome to the online maintenance request form. This form sends a message to Hillco Realty Management Tenant Services for notification of any non-emergency problems you may be experiencing. For emergencies, please call Hillco Realty Managements 24 Hour Dispatch Operator at 847-831-1045. Hillco Realty does not handle Telephone, Cable/DSL Internet and Laundry Equipment problems. Please use the following information/links to report these problems.

  • Telephone/Cable/Internet - Contact your service provide (AT&T, Comcast, TDS Metrocom, etc).
  • Laundry Equipment - call 847-374-8620.

To request maintenance, fill out the form below completely and accurately to avoid delays and follow-up questions. You should be specific in your description of the problem. The detailed description should include the exact location of the problem and the characteristics of the problem such as “the kitchen light is flickering when it is turned on.” You will receive an email confirmation when your service ordered is created.